Boutique and services

École Rock Star offers a wide range of accessories and instruments at competitive prices.

  • Electric and acoustic guitars
  • Electronic and acoustic drums
  • Guitar and bass kits
  • Strings
  • Tuners
  • Capos
  • picks
  • Stands
  • Drum sticks and skins
  • Method books

…And much more!

Our Services

Rental Service

Why is renting a good idea? If you’re not sure which instrument is right for you, just rent one from École Rock Star for a month or two. Once your decision is made, you can buy it at no risk.

Instruments for rent

  • Acoustic guitars full size or 3/4 size
  • Electric guitars
  • bass
  • amps
  • acoustic drums
  • electronic drums

Services for Guitars, Amps & Electronics

École Rock Star provides our customers with adjustments and repair services customized to their style.

  • String installation and tuning
  • Adjustments and cleaning
  • repairs for acoustic and electric guitars or bass
  • repairs for amps and electronics

Drum Services at Home or at Rock Star

  • Set up and tuning at home
  • Changing skins
  • Tuning
  • Repair